Louisianans Frustrated With High Turnover Of Adjusters On Ida Claims

Peggy Honore paid her insurance premiums on-time, every month for more than a decade, but in the months after Hurricane Ida tore the roof off her Destrehan home, she’s struggled to get her insurer to call her back, answer her questions or respond to her claims.

Twelve weeks out from the storm, Honore has been shuffled between five different insurance adjusters, and each time she’s given a new point of contact, it’s as if the claims process starts anew.

‘I feel like it’s a stall tactic to keep them from acting upon your claim,’ Honore said. ‘It just prolongs making a decision about anything.’

Oftentimes, policyholders will interact with at least two adjusters after submitting a claim. The first investigates damages on-the-ground, taking photos and measurements, and submitting a report with cost estimates.

Then, a desk adjuster, working remotely, evaluates the field report and makes a decision about whether to cut a check.

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