Auto Insurers Prep for Summer Driving

Traffic volume in the U.S. is often worse during the summer months, with sunny skies and warmer temperatures bringing people out of their homes and into their cars.

This year, in particular, as pandemic restrictions ease across the country and Americans feel more comfortable traveling, we’re likely to see traffic volumes surge.

In turn, this will mean increased potential for vehicle breakdowns and accidents. Auto insurers would be wise to prepare for a busier than normal season.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how many vehicles will require assistance over the next few months, we have a few predictions: We’re already seeing breakdown volume bounce back from 2020 lows, and it is likely volume will increase beyond 2019 pre-pandemic figures.

Rather than growing in a spike that starts ââéČ‘ and ends ââéČ‘ quickly, summer volume will be consistently high beginning from late June through early September.
Fourth of July will represent a significant peak.

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